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Durvesh International

About Us

Durvesh International was established in 2001 with the attention of best quality products and services in the field of Herbs, spices, botanicals, plant-based raw materials such as Dry licorice roots, Dry red rose flower, Dry Alkanet root,  Rubia roots, Moringa leaves, Natural Honey, Solid Perfume, Herbal tea, Herbal oil, Herbal products, Himalayan pink salt, Edible, bath and aroma salt, Foodstuff, Dry fruits, Natural Honey, Incense Bakhoor Natural oral care products, etc.

We offer Herbal Raw materials, Herbal Natural ingredients for herbal tea, herbal oil,  Herbal extracts, bakery, confectionery, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Tobacco, Cosmetic, Personal care, Allied food products industries in the shape of Raw material, Tea grade cut, fine cut, powder or as per requirement under ISO 22000, 9001 & HALAL standards and Under the brand name of  “Durvesh Live a Healthy Live”.

DI also offer value-added products like Herbal tea, Herbal oil, Natural oil, Himalayan pink coarse salt, Foodstuff, Herbs & Spices, Licorice roots, etc.. in different packaging from 25 g to 1 kg in the box, pouch, bag, jar, tin, can bags packing as per requirement.


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