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Item Name: soapwort roots
Botanical Name: Saponaria officinalis
Arabic name: arq halawa , udh halawa

Soapwort roots is also knows as soaproots or Saponia roots, or Saponaria roots , its is one of the main ingredients of tahini halva with its persistent flavor. In fact, halva and soapwort are so identified that it is often referred to as “halva herb”, and it owes this feature to the active substance in its content called “saponin”, which is a glycoside with high molecular weight. Soapwort, also called as soaproot, chalk plant and baby’s breath, is a genus of herbaceous plant in Caryophyllaceous family. The part of the plant used is its woody roots. Its active substance is saponin and is used in food industry in halva and ice cream production due to its waxing and bleaching properties. Different nations have use in different purpose including desserts such as tahini halva, nougat halva, kerebich and pasha delight.